Sunday , 17 October 2021
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Unilorin students lament mass failure

Students of the University of Ilorin, UNILORIN, Ilorin, Kwara State, are reeling from the results of their first semester examination which was recently released by the institution.

Students who spoke with P.M. NEWS Campus Square affirmed that almost 80 per cent of the school population failed their CBT examination woefully.

The students also maintained that it was the first time in the history of the institution that students in virtually all the departments will have such an embarrassing outcome.

Omobolaji, a student at the institution, told our reporter that: “The school management delayed the result for more than a month and students were worried because it had never happened like that before.

“From 100 to 400 level, the result was pathetic. Nobody has come out to tell us what is responsible for this mass failure. Are they trying to tell us we are that dull from 100 level to 400?,” he asked.

“Even our SUG executives are not even saying anything concerning this. Why did we elect them if not to intercede on behalf of the students on issues like this?” he lamented.

On the school’s Facebook page, students of the institution expressed their frustration. Quineta Peggy Olawepo posted, “On behalf of the freshers, I will like to express our unhappiness. I think it is high time we made the school authorities realise how devastated we are regarding our terrible result.”

“Those who marked the exams purposely tampered with the results just to prove that they are above the students, a fact nobody can take away from them,” Adewale Adedamola Moses wrote.

Despite their dismay and displeasure, students at the school are prohibited from protesting. “It is a well known fact that students of Unilorin are prohibited from protesting no matter how bad the situation is to them,” Olushola Ibrahim explained.

He noted that: “Anyone who tried to do otherwise should note that it is the end of his stay in the school. It is that bad here.”

Irenmwinfo Daniel Nosa, a 400-level student advised his colleagues to reconsider the consequences of their actions before taking irrational steps.

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