Monday , 20 September 2021
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Tonto Slams Empress Njamah’s Tattoo Comments?

Last week, two top Nigerian female celebrities, Ego and Empress Njamah expressed their feelings on the issue of drawing tattoos on their bodies.

Empress even claimed tattoos are marks of the beast and said she can never imagine having them on her body.

“Lots of people can swear that I have tattoos on my body because I was known for colourful hair and nails so lots of people thought I had tattoos as well; I can’t give myself the mark of the beast. I don’t want to say what a lot of people will misconstrue but I don’t have to draw anything on my body to prove a point; for me, tattoos are a no no,” she had said.

But in what seems to be a counter and sharp disagreement to Empress’ comments, controversial Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, shared some pictures from her new movie she acted in, where she played a role of a prophet with her tattoos fully displayed.

She wrote, “Am not sure I follow; so does of us with tattoos can’t enter heaven? Or can’t be born again or be preachers… Are you joking? Ouch. Ignorant hurts.

“We have a merciful God and thank good he aint non of u, lmaooo. See you in heaven baby…I hope u make it there.”

Though Tonto did not specifically mention Empress’ name, but some have already interpreted that she was referring to her colleague.

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