Tuesday , 2 March 2021
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Slimming Expert, Quincy Ayodele Reveal More Services For Celebrities

Secretary General for the Association of Traditional medicine in Nigeria, Quincy Ayodele, has revealed that she does not intend to retire from offering natural therapy services to the celebrities and patrons of her organisation.

In an interview with Daily Times, she revealed that she would keep providing more fat loss products and services that have become noticeable among the female celebrities in Nigerian entertainment industry.

When talking about the beginnings of her business empire, she said, “Since I started this business, it has always been Quincy and slimming. Everybody in the country knows that if you desire to get slim, then Quincy is the best place to be.”

On the concept of using crams to bring out a clear skin on most of the artistes on the screens, the slim-down expert disclosed that, “That is the concept of the cream that we use and that is what I use. I can tell when I see some of our clients who use our products judiciously.

“They look radiant, glowing and youthful looking without dark knuckles or stretch marks.”

In other news, you would remember that fans began to wonder what was wrong with actress, Ini Edo, who had shed off some weight recently

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