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Why I dont like heavy make-up – La Beauty

Bukola Olayemi

Bukola Oluyemi, popularly known as La Beauty, is an actress, producer and entrepreneur. In this interview with TAYO GESINDE, the graduate of Marketing from The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State, speaks on her career and fashion preferences. Excerpts:

Growing up
Growing up was fun because I set a goal right from when I was 12 years old. Though the road was rough, but I was able to scale through. I ‘m from Ijebu Igbo, Ogun State. I had my primary education at St. Saviours Nursery and Primary School, Alagbada, Ikotun Egbe. My secondary education was also at St. Saviours High School, Alagbada, Ikotun Egbe, Lagos State. My tertiary education was at The Polytechnic Ibadan, Oyo State, where I studied Marketing.

Foray into acting
I studied marketing at the polytechnic but I went into acting, because I have passion the it. I started acting right from my secondary school days but my dad discouraged me from becoming an actress, because he wanted me to work in a bank or an oil company. I worked as a marketer and banker but went back into acting after my dad’s death. I joined the movie industry in 2007 and started acting in 2oo8. I have featured in movies like, Ekologbon, Tori Ogun, Aderoju, Eko Go, Eda Lonsare, Jonathan, Pakurumo, Bisola Beyonce, Mohobo, Florence, Derayo, Omo Alasewo, Abigael and others. However, it was the bad-friend character I played in Ekologbon and the role of a promiscuous housewife that I played in Mohobo that brought me to limelight. My role models in the industry are Bukky Wright, Omotola Jalade-Ekehinde and Genevieve Nnaji. Apart from acting, I make myself relevant, especially when it comes to the avenue to make money; I am into beauty, fashion and catering.

Challenges?  Hmm!  When I started it was not easy. Honestly, I almost went bankrupt.  I spent all my life savings at Oceanic bank, ECOBANK on my first production, yet, I could not account for a penny. But  because  of the passion I had for acting, I did not get discouraged and thank God, being  an entrepreneur, I still had something to fall back on.

Philosophy of life
Life is very easy when you are aware that it is full of ups and downs.

Description of self
I am a God-fearing person, highly focused and industrious.

Definition of style
Definition of style means ‘unique ways’ of doing things.  My mood and the occasion determine my mode of dressing.

Beauty regimen
I take my bath four times a day. I do my facials once a month  and I go for body polishing on a monthly basis.
I am always particular about my hair. I prefer to wear natural human hair than synthetic ones. I apply light make-up most of the time and that is because I don’t like heavy make-up; it makes me look older than my age.

Fashion icons
Rihanna and no one else.

Favourite designers
Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace and Channel.

Choice of accessories
I love Brazilian and Italian jewellery.

Accessory I can’t do without when going out
My earrings.

Most expensive item in my wardrobe
My Gucci shoes and bag.

What I won’t be caught dead wearing
Pant and bra.

Favourite perfumes
Ralph Lauren’s Romance for ladies

Favourite colours
Pink, orange and green.

Opinion on toning:
Toning to my knowledge means enhancement of the skin which is quite different from bleaching so, there is nothing in it.

My take on cosmetic surgery
As for me, I can’t do it because I don’t like anything surgery. Moreover, there is nothing I will like to change about myself. I can’t even wear a permanent tattoo not to talk of cosmetics surgery. I like natural things. I can enhance it a little but not to the extent of changing my look totally.

On provocative dressing
As for me, I wear what suits me. I don’t even look at it whether it exposes my sensitive part or not in as much as it is not pant and bra, especially in this hot whether, I dress for comfort and not to entice any one.

Special treat
I go clubbing and shopping because I am a very social person. I hate dull and boring moments. That is exactly why I like the entertainment industry.

My nails
I love to wrap my natural nails on a normal day then fix acrylic for occasions and events.

Keeping fit
I diet and exercise. I once reduced my food intake to once a day for a month and that helped a lot.

Greatest physical asset
I consider the knowledge and wisdom imparted into me which can never be taken away from me as my greatest physical asset.

Pains and gains of being a celebrity
The pain is that one does not have a private life. The gains? Honestly, I don’t know.

Negative publicity
I’ve never had negative publicity because I have always been a person of integrity.

Marital status
I am married.

Combining the home front with my career
I have always been a career person right from day one, I don’t allow my career to take over my responsibility in the house and likewise the home front does not take over my job, I love my job so much and I will never take it lightly with any one obstructing my way to success.

Coping with advances from male fans
My male fans admire me a lot, I am not a kid, I know how to work around it and I don’t get carried away with it, no matter  what.

Likes and dislikes
My likes are looking good, being focused and entertaining people. I hate people who are not focused and people who smoke Indian hemp because it makes me fall sick.

Advice to women on how to stay young and beautiful
My advice to them is that there is no regret in looking good, it is a good business because it is profitable.

Favourite holiday spot
Dubai and Ghana.

Final word to my fans
to my fans out there, I love you all.  Always remember to keep fit and be beautiful because life itself is beautiful.












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