Monday , 20 September 2021
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Security guard defiles 3- year old, records act on phone

A man of 60 years and security guard in Abuja has been arrested for sexually defiling a three-year-old daughter of his employer.

The man, old enough to be the grandfather of the victim, even recorded the alleged indecent act on his camera phone, revealing details of the sordid act and how exactly, he committed the offence.

The suspect has not given reasons why he  recorded the wicked act but  the matter has been reported to the police. The clip also showed the little girl protesting to be left alone, while the man engaged in the despicable act.

Two weeks after the act, some of housemaids that work in the home where the man guards, borrowed Zubeiru’s mobile phone to listen to music and watch movies. After playing music, the ladies watched the video recordings on phone and stumbled on the clip.

They waited until the following morning to bring the video of the assault to the attention of their boss and mother of the little girl.

The woman’s husband’s reasoning that Zubeiru should not be confronted so that he won’t escape, was taken as they waited for day to break to report the matter to the police who later arrested the security guard.

At the station, the accused was confronted with the video of the assault. On watching the disgusting act on the mobile phone, the police asked the security man why he engaged in such shameful act which he denied.

In order to get the facts of the matter and reconcile the doubts, the police ordered for a medical examination on the little girl to confirm their doubts, which later showed signs of the abuse on her.

They also carried out other medical tests on her to be sure there is no damage to her system, and the results were still awaited at the time of filing this report.

After obtaining the initial report, the police again interviewed the suspect who still maintained that he never engaged in the act. Because Zubeiru could not admit committing the offence, police detained him pending when the other medical examination results are out.

The mother of the girl who said she has been devastated by the incident told Abuja Metro, of how her daughter had two weeks ago complained of pains on her genital.

According to the woman, “I really cannot believe that this old man can do this kind of thing to my child because he works as our security man. I really do not like his attitude as a person because of the way he behaves. He sometimes acts like one that is mentally unstable and on several occasions, I had warned him to stop giving sweets to my children.

“I remember that some two weeks ago, my daughter complained of pains after urinating. I examined her and noticed something unusual, but not much to raise my suspicion.

“But I recall asking her if anybody touched her, but as a little child, she did not tell me anything and I did not in my wildest imagination think that a man touched her, so I just treated her and forgot about it. I never suspected this kind of expensive joke.”

She said that: “On the day they brought the phone to me, it was very early in the morning, I had not woken up, but they kept knocking on my door asking to see me. They narrated how they borrowed the handset from the guard the previous night.

“I got so mad after watching the clip that I wanted to fight him, but my husband advised me not to act harshly because that would make him run away and it would be difficult for us to arrest him.”

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