Monday , 3 October 2022
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Nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus, has revealed that she is not an SU (Scripture Union) which is why she can live a free life and can’t hold a party without alcohol.

She stated that she does not see anything special in drinking alcohol as it is used to serve guests at an event. “How can any normal person have a party without alcohol? I’m not an SU o, let them know.”

According to her, “I’m a born-again Christian but I’m not an SU. When we have parties, we serve alcohol, it is normal. Party without alcohol is nothing, its zero.

Speaking about her plans for marriage, the actress disclosed that she hopes to settle down soon as it is the dream of every girl, but would not noise about it as she will not make her wedding open.

She explained exposing ones private life tends to put one into trouble and as such, would not like to expose her private life. “Any relationship I have, I just want to keep it off the news so it can last. If it’s in the news, they’ll frustrate the relationship and before you know it, the relationship ends, basically because the man may be scared off by the noise.”

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