Thursday , 18 August 2022
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Brig. General Aliyu Momoh

Nigerian Defense Forces Refuse To Investigate Brig. Gen. Momoh For Misconduct In Ekiti Scandal, Human Rights Abuses

SaharaTV spoke exclusively with Major General Chris Olukolade this week on the human rights abuses and bribe taking by Brigadier General Aliyu Momoh.

Brigadier General Momoh has been at the center of major controversy since SaharaReporters first released audio recordings of him accepting bribes from PDP leaders in exchange for rigging the gubernatorial elections in Ekiti State. In addition to accepting bribes, Brig. Gen. Momoh abducted and unlawfully detained the younger brother, Adamu Koli, of the whistleblower in retaliation for the recordings.

Maj. Gen. Olukolade said he was unable to answer most of SaharaReporters questions because he was not properly briefed on the situation. He did, however, admit that he was aware that the media had been talking about Momoh’s conduct for several weeks.

Maj. Gen. Olukolade did tell SaharaReporters that he would “need to follow up” on its questions regarding Adamu’s incarceration at the Adekunle military cantonment in Ibadan.

When pressed on whether there was an investigation into Brig. Gen. Momoh’s conduct he said that he could not speak on these issues “because it would be unfair to comment as I was not properly briefed.”

SaharaReporters asked what would be needed to launch an investigation into Brig. Gen. Momoh’s conduct, Maj. Gen. Olukolade responded by saying a complaint would “need to be properly reported to the authorities.” This despite the fact that political leaders, including the former Minister of Defense Musiliu Obanikoro, admitted that they believed Momoh was taking bribes from the opposition. Political figures in the opposition, and the audio recordings, prove that Momoh was taking bribes from PDP leaders.

Maj. Gen. Olukolade told SaharaReporters during the interview if a report of misconduct by Brig. Gen. Momoh was properly filed “it should be investigated.”

SaharaReporters will follow up on Maj. Gen. Olukolade regarding any information he may have found after making inquiries.

[Sahara Reporters]


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