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Chief Diepreiye Alamieyeisegha

Niger-Delta will shut down oil production to forestall natural disasters– Alamieyeisegha

Former governor of Bayelsa State and delegate to the ongoing national conference, Chief Diepreiye Alamieyeisegha on Monday said that the Niger delta communities were planning to shut down oil production in the region to forestall a looming earthquake and other natural disasters.

Alamieyeisegha who spoke on point of information stated that the information he gave was an offshoot of a meeting he had with leaders and elders of the oil producing, weekend.

The former governor who is representing his state said that between the last 58 years and now, a minimum of 1.8 to 2 million barrels of crude oil has been extracted from the Niger delta on daily basis.

He said: Leaders of oil producing communities in the Niger delta met with me over the weekend and asked me to convey this information to the conference. In the past 58years a minimum of 1.8 to 2million barrels of crude oil is being extracted on daily basis.

The consequences is that we have started experiencing earth movement in their environment and that there is going to be earthquake or tsunami very soon in their land. In other jurisdictions when this volume is removed liquid of specific gravity is been injected into equalized or stabilized the geology of the area.

“In recent times there was gas flaring all the coast of Bayelsa. Over a month the heat was so much that all the villagers evacuated the region.

For one month the oil companies could not clamp the gas flaring so they fear that they don’t have the capacity to with stand any earth quake in that environment and I can inform you all that they will take the option of shutting down production in that area till concrete arrangement is made with the oil companies to guarantee the stabilizing of the environment.”

But on the same vein, another delegate, Chief Femi Falan, SAN, reminded the conference that the country was in trouble consequently upon a drop in the demand for Nigerian oil by foreign countries.

According to him, there was an increase in the oil production of some countries like Angola.

“The government of Nigeria has fallen into problems as regards getting buyers for our oil. As of today the united states of america has stopped buying our oil because it has got an alternative and before now the total import for the U.S was about 10% of fuel imported to the U.S. Most wet african countries apart from 2 have struck oil. Angola has increased its production,we believe that the crisis in Libya and Iraq would cause problems with respect to oil production and it has proved to be true and as a matter of fact the crisis has stopped oil production.

“And presently Europe is experiencing oil blocks and india that we have been pleading with to buy our oil is now turning to china Russia and Indonesia. Currently President Putin is going round the world assuring more countries that they are going to give them oil and gas. Currently Nigeria is in trouble. So when we are talking of sharing we need to take this into cognizance that there will be nobody to buy our oil,” he stated.

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