Sunday , 22 May 2022
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Richard Mofe Damijo was among the hot cakes in Nollywood when he was much younger. He was mostly acting the lover boy roles, which he was always playing perfectly.

He took a long break from the movie industry, but he is back. R.M.D is considered the crush of most ladies, he makes aging looks beautiful.

His charming looks would definitely make any lady fall for him; he is considered Nigerian Idris Elba
In a recent interview, he disclosed, his wife is the reason behind his existences, as she has been his pillar and strength through the rough times.

According to him, “The reason I am standing here today is because I have a wife who believes in what I do and who supports me in everything. She holds my hands through it all. It is not easy for any woman to watch her husband kissing or making love to another woman on television but she has incredibly understood. She is the backbone of my being. I can’t function without her. I was away from Lagos for 8 years when I was in government and she held the family down, that’s how much of a support she has been. She is everything.”

He also revealed he is very domesticated. Going back to memory lane, he said he cooked the meal that was used for his son’s naming ceremony in America. Who would have thought that R.M.D is that domesticated? The love and respect he has for his wife is great, and that’s what happens when your partners becomes your best friend.

“When my wife was pregnant with our two kids I cooked her favorite meals. Even when she was to have the baby in America, I bought food items here and took them to America and cooked for her. I cooked the Ofada stew that was served at my son’s naming ceremony.”

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