Tuesday , 28 September 2021
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May7ven At Loggerheads With Boyfriend Over Nigerian Men

Oluwayemisi May Odegbami also known as May7ven, has disclosed that her Ghanaian UK-based boyfriend is not happy about her decision to return to her fatherland because he fears Nigerian men.

According to the singer, she has been at loggerheads with her DJ boyfriend over the issue and fears the man does not trust her in handling Nigerian men. The singer disclosed that she has never given her man any reason to doubt her.

May7ven stated that contrary to her boyfriend’s views, Nigerian men are good, but aggressive and determined in the way they approach women. She added that they don’t give up which on a woman or any other thing. “They’re very focused and driven,” she told E247 in an interview.

The singer accused her father, the legendary Nigerian footballer, Segun Odegbami, for exposing them to hard times in the UK. She said her father allowed women into his life, which she said made him to dump her mother, Jumoke Odegbami, and her kids.

“For a long time, I felt resentment towards him for that, but as I grew older, I realized that being famous doesn’t necessarily mean you are rich. In fact, it makes it worse because you cannot ask for help. It was really tough for us because we had to walk to school and endure financial difficulty.

“All these make me appreciate my mother so much because her three children are doing well in our respective fields. My sister, Funmi Odegbami runs Mink, a UK-based Make-Up school, and was listed as one of the most influential black women in Europe. My brother, Junior Segun Odegbami, is also a computer guru,” she explained.

On accepting her step-mom, veteran TV host, Fumi Iyanda, May7ven revealed that she never liked her but had to accept the later love she felt for her while growing up.

“I realized how these relationships happen. You don’t plan who to fall in love with. At that point, even though my father was married, sometimes, he was not even seeing his wife for a whole year, so that can’t really be called a marriage. It’s not in my place to choose who he would be with for him,” she said.

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