Friday , 24 September 2021
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Letter To Rude Nigerian Celebrities

Majority of Nigerian celebrities have been known to always snob fans and journalists at event when they are being approached.
Celebrities all over the world are loved and seen as icons because they depict peace and love.

Contrary to what is obtainable among some Nigerian celebrities, it seems that the fame has gotten into their heads so much that some of them abuse, shun or sometimes fight their fans, the people who made them.

The rationale behind celebrities especially in Nigeria getting into a fight with their fans, abandoning shows and being disrespectful to journalist is something entertainment pundits deem bizarre.

One question I ask these entertainers is that who made then popular? Without a medium which is the media, they are nobody. A fan could see his favourite celebrity and want to go greet him/her, the next thing, the celebs puts up an attitude as if they came to beg for money.

A lot of entertainment critics believe that fame is not for sale but when it comes, it should be a blessing instead of a curse. Remember, the media made you and the same media can destroy you for good.

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