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Lagos APC Warns New Lagos AIG, Joseph Mbu, Against Partisanship

The Lagos State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), today expressed the hope that Mr. Joseph Mbu, the controversial police commissioner, was not redeployed to Zone 2 for the purpose of doing the political hatchet of the PDP in the February election.

In a statement signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the party, Joe Igbokwe, APC warned that such an attempt will backfire in Lagos and the South West.

The party noted that Mbu’s known role as a professional attack dog for the PDP and the Goodluck Jonathan presidency has opened his latest posting to Lagos and Ogun to justifiable speculation that will become clearer as the 2015 election approaches.

APC said that while it welcomes Mbu to his new post, with its promises of reforming him from the “indecorous notoriety “he has courted through his posting as Rivers State Police Commissioner, it wanted to warn him that there is little room in Lagos for the kind of hatchet role he played for the PDP in Lagos. It therefore advised him to purge himself of the blatant bias and partisanship which has come to colour his career in the police force before he comes to Lagos.

“We want to warn Mbu that he is coming to Lagos, the hotbed of progressivism and the state that harbours the preponderance of Nigerian intelligentsia and as such will be advised to do away with such untoward tendencies that have made him susceptible to manipulation by the hierarchy of the PDP,” Igbokwe said. “We want to let him know  that naturally Lagos is not tolerant of negative behaviours from cultural savages and people without scruples so he needs to adjust to the civilized template of Lagos or get his hands burnt should he delve into enforcing PDP’s odious interests in Lagos.”

It reminded Mbu that Lagos is naturally placed to deal with the kind of “untoward tendencies” that marked his controversial tenure as Rivers State Police Commissioner.

“Lagos is still home for all cadres of Nigerian elites and will help him define his career if he lends himself to do the selfish desires of the PDP,” APC continued. “We therefore advise him to be objective and fair in dealing with all political interests en route February 2015. We want him to drop his well-known excesses as he moves into Lagos for Lagos will ultimately prove his albatross should he come here for the purpose of enforcing the notorious interests of the PDP.”

Mr. Mbu was yesterday redeployed as AIG from the Police Command’s Zone 7 in Abuja to Zone 2, Lagos.  Several months ago, he was similarly moved to Abuja from Rivers State, where he was at the centre of the political controversy there, and was accused of implementing serving the interests of President Jonathan and his wife, Patience.

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