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I’m 6.4Ft Tall, Nobody Can Intimidate Me – Vector

Olanrewaju Ogunmefun well known as Vector-the viper has been widely celebrated as one of the best rappers from Mainland Lagos, Nigeria.

Nigeriafilms corned him over the weekend where he told us lots of things people don’t really know about him.

“It would be very hard to tell you all about myself in one interview”, he gushed.

“Any ways, I am me. I’m not really an outgoing person. I club once in a while, I mean when I really need to. I don’t see any musician as a rival in the industry. I see a whole lot of other budding acts, but they can’t intimidate me. I am 6.4Ft tall, so they can’t intimidate me. I’m also a Barracks boy, so ‘e go hard’ for me to shake. I understand that

God is the highest, I fear no other person. We are all human beings, so who could dare try to intimidate me. I grow up in a very disciplined home, that helped me a lot and also shaped me into what I am today. It is just God, inspirations, my parents and my siblings, they are the ones I owe my success story to,” he maintained.

Vector’s journey into hip hop dates back to his days in junior high in the year 1997 as he’s vibrantly involved in social activities entertaining his peers from the stage as a young rapper. In 1999 he formed a group “Badder Boiz”.

So determined they were about hip hop that they started writing their own songs and along the line, in the same year, they started performing at showcases combining their various skills, aimed at selling the underground sound to the surface. They recorded their first demo series in 1999.

The three did not leave any stone unturned as far as making their presence felt at talent showcases. Vector was going the way of an emcee as his freestyle skills became obvious to the other members of the group. Vector’s versatility runs through the fast and equally slow tempo, a rapper cum lyricist, an excellent songwriter, and producer.

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