Saturday , 22 January 2022
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I Won’t Take Any Insult On Halima Abubakar—Ruggedman Fumes

Nigerian rapper, Ruggedman, has urged bloggers to stop spreading falsehood about him and friend, Halima Abubakar.

There have been reports online that the two celebs were seeing each other, which spurred another report that Halima said she’s bigger than Ruggedman. The rapper urged those spreading such report to show respect for other peoples’ feelings.

Reacting to the issue, Ruggedman wrote, “Dear bloggers, you all need to have a little respect for peoples’ feelings (which is hard because all you care about are hits on your blog) and once in a while pretend to show a little professionalism. Do not be afraid to ask real journalists how it is done. Yes twisting her words to make it look like Halima insulted me will attract attention and then what?

“I have been reading silly stuff about me being in a relationship with my paddy Halima Abubakar. I didn’t feel it was necessary to say anything about it because it is what it is ‘a silly rumour’. Not until an angry fan of mine insulted her on my twitter timeline and I thought to put an end to it before another false rumour gets blown out of proportion.

“When asked about it the same silly false rumour, Halima replied ‘I don’t like responding to such rubbish insinuations again, I’m bigger than that,’ meaning she is bigger than false rumours but leave it to an attention seeking blogger to twist her words and make it look like she said she is bigger than me. You say you could not reach me to hear from me? Very funny. Na lie go kill you hahahaha!!!

“Halima is one of the closest people I can call bestie. We have both supported each other coming from nothing to now. So I will not stand by and watch anyone insult her because of the silly antics of an overzealous blogger.”

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