Saturday , 10 April 2021
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‘I won’t quit despite losing primaries’ –D1

 Despite defeat, Monday, at the All Progressive Party (APC) primaries in Ogun State, music mogul, Dayo Adeneye, aka D1, has pledged loyalty to the party and the Governor Ibikunle Amosu-led administration.

Although D1 had claimed, prior to the election, that Governor Amosun brought him into the race, his fans were shocked when the on-air-personality was defeated by another protégé of the governor and Special Assistant (SA) on Intergovernmental Affairs, Mr. Adebowale Ojuri.

Both men had vied for the ticket to represent Odogbolu Constituency, in the Ogun State House of Assembly.

Reacting to his loss, D1 stated that his loyalty subsists with the APC, and that the party’s objectives are his objectives.

Speaking to The Nation, he noted that if he is called upon to serve in another capacity, he would gladly heed.

“I said that I want to serve. I cannot dictate and determine the capacity in which I want to serve. In whatever capacity I am called to participate, the thing is to contribute and not just sit in your parlour and talk. That is what I am about. I’m about change, I’m about progress and I’m about equity. I remain a loyal party man. So whatever decisions my party makes, I have to abide by it,” he stated.

The music producer also expressed his desire for the APC to win all positions in Ogun State and at the Federal Government levels.

“I am in politics to make a change and in whatever capacity I feel I can make a difference, I will continue to pursue all objectives and all avenues to make sure that Nigeria changes. We cannot all continue to look at it the way it is. As at yesterday, the dollar was 187 to 1. Where are we going in this country? And if people like us sit back on radio and continue to complain, nothing will be done,” he said.

While admitting that he might not have solutions to all the problems in the country, D1 said there are clear indications of what he is capable of doing. “We have succeeded in the private sector. We have grown a music industry that was moribund and written off as dead. Everybody can see our footprints in music, entertainment business and all. So, imagine if given the opportunity to do the same in governance. Those are the things I am pursuing. I am in it to stay with it. I am not leaving politics. I am in politics and will continue to move forward and continue to contribute to my party, the APC and its objectives,” he said.

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