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I love money so much that bank alerts turn me on — Lizzy Gold Onuwaje

Lizzy Gold Onuwaje isn’t new to the world of show business. Her foray into the make-believe world started in 2006 when she won the Delta State Pageant as Miss Delta State. Then she tried her hands at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant (MDGN) where she emerged as the second runner-up.It was a crushing experience for her: “I cried. I felt so bad. It’s a very terrible experience that’s not good for anyone. I f you go for a competition, you have the hope of winning and when you don’t, it’s very terrible. I became shy at a point because Delta State sent some commissioners who came to support me, so they were very disappointed”, she says.

But that did not stop her from venturing further afield and it would be Nollywood where she tried out her luck next. “ I joined Nollywood two years ago because I was passionate about acting; l have always loved to act. So when the opportunity came; l enrolled in a film school, got trained to be an actress and here l am today”, she said.

Between 2012 and now, the ex beauty queen claims to have done over 30 films, after making her debut in “Shotgun” and the rest of the story:

What propelled you into joining Nollywood?
Actually, I’m just passionate about Nollywood, it’s not like anything pushed me. I love acting a lot, when I was very young, I used to act with pillows, chairs, with virtually everything in the house. I would get a cane and start flogging the chairs and mime like the chairs were crying.

How have the challenges been like?
It’s been very challenging, especially, when it comes to getting into characters. You have to assume you are the character in the script; you have to put yourself into it. If it’s a romantic role, you put yourself in the character with no strings attached.

What was the reaction of your boyfriend when you decided to go into Nollywood?
Initially, he was very sceptical about it. He said girls in Nollywood don’t stay in marriages. To me, it depends on individuals; I don’t think it’s true, because so far, some people like Omotola have kept their marriages. But he saw that I was very passionate about it when I went as far as attending an acting school in Lagos.  I told him, it’s either he allowed me do my acting or he let me be. So he allowed me do my acting.

So what happened; are you still in that relationship?
No, we are no longer together.

Lizzy-Gold-1What led to the break-up?
The affair didn’t crash because I went into acting. The basic truth is, he doesn’t have money, so I decided to end the relationship. I dumped him in 2013 because he didn’t have much in terms of money and he didn’t have any push as my kind of man..

Are you saying you can’t date a man who doesn’t have money?
Of course, if you don’t have money, don’t even bother to call my line, don’t even bother to admire my pictures (Laughs). I love money so much. I can’t marry a poor man. Never!

What about a man that is doing a bit okay?
I need a rich man; I don’t want a man that is a bit okay.

What does money mean to you?
Money means a lot to me, in fact, money turns me on. I just need to imagine so much money in my account and I’m turned on. When I get a credit alert on my account, Oh my God, I get turned on immediately.

How do you cope with male harassment?
It’s not like I’m a very rude person, but I’m blunt and friendly at the same time. But I like rich guys, if you are not rich; I can never be attracted to you. I like rich, clean, fresh guys. When I say rich, I don’t mean ‘Yahoo’ kind of guys, because they are not hardworking. I want a guy who is consistent with his work and rich. Right now, I’m okay where I am, so I don’t think I’ll leave him for any other.

What if he gets broke, are you going to dump him?
He’s not going to get broke.(Laughs)

What qualities attract you to a man?
I like men that are caring. You have to be rich, caring, romantic and nice. Some men are rich but stingy. Be rich and be willing to spend the money. If I tell you I need anything, let me get the alert. I like alerts (Laughs). Alerts turn me on.

What if he has all the money and he’s not able to meet your sexual needs and makes you feel like a woman?
That’s very important also, it’s not just money; he has to be a man down there!

What do you mean by ‘ a man down there’?
He should be physically endowed and good in bed. He should know how to use it properly, not all men do.

Are you in love presently?
Yes, I’m in love with the person I’m with now.
Is it because he’s rich?
Not just because he’s rich, he’s caring, generous and romantic. He’s nice, down-to-earth and humble.
Are you ready for marriage now?
Yes I am ready.
So if he proposes to you, will you accept?
Of course I will.
What if he doesn’t, will you be heartbroken?
No, I won’t. I’ll feel I’m not destined to get married to him.
Who is that actor or actress that you’ve dreamt of working with, but you’ve not had the chance to work with?
I love Genevieve and I’ll love to work with her. I will also love to work with Omotola and Stephanie Okereke. I’ve always loved to work with Mercy Johnson and by the grace of God; I’ve done some movies with her. She’s very nice, humble and accommodating. She’s motherly and gives one lots of advice. [Vanguard]

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