Tuesday , 25 January 2022
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Flavour Denies Being A Friend To Late MC Loph

Flavour has been silent for a long time since he was accused of neglecting the family of artiste, MC Loph, he has finally opened up and wants people to know that he was never a friend to the artiste contrary to popular opinion, talking about hi lewd lyrics, he said that highlife talks about women and enjoyment which is why he experiments around these two word.

it was alleged that he abandoned the mother of Lophs: “MC Loph and I weren’t as close as people thought. I met Loph through Mr. Raw when I came to Lagos. He wanted me to produce for him the same way I was producing for Mr. Raw. Somehow, we came together and we did the Osondi Owendi song. We later found out that we came from the same village.”

Asked if there was problem when the song was released “I played a very big part in the song. People would always want me to perform the song. But I couldn’t. What is the essence of collaborating when you cannot play the song? It didn’t make any sense. He said people told him I was performing his song. I felt, ‘oh, it is now your song?’ That was the last time we really spoke to each other. I decided to ‘free’ him.
Flavour claims he was not paid by Lophs “ He didn’t pay me to feature in the song. My voice was significant in the song.

He was more popular than me in Lagos then. But I was more popular in the East. So if I was called to come and perform at shows, I would tell them to call MC Loph and pay him since I couldn’t feature the song. I did a song with Tiwa. I don’t mind if she performs the song. People would think of Flavour if she performs the song. That is the essence of collaboration. I don’t even rap. I wouldn’t have tried to take his line because I don’t know how to rap.”

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