Thursday , 16 September 2021
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Each Passing Day: Akintunde presents a nation in flux

Each Passing Day showcases Akintunde’s documentation of Nigeria and brings together photographs categorized to reflect a series of unrelated events and activities in the daily lives of ordinary citizens of Nigeria.
The award winning photojournalist said: “For nearly a decade and half of professional practice, after the initial struggle of choosing a career in journalism, I have always taken a high cognizance of time and the role of photography in putting immortal mark on its mortality.

“So, it has always been photojournalism, history and the mortality of time. For me, time dies each passing moment it ticks and resonates within the fraction of its seconds. This is a small wonder that has ruled human history from creation. Even now, it has not stopped.”

“Wole Soyinka’s Abiku symbolizes the African belief and mythology of a child who dies to be reborn several times. It is a belief that holds oral tradition for many years, till now. Like Abiku, the reincarnation of time within the fraction of its seconds translates to its agelessness, but this could remain in the oral or mythological space if the charmed circles ineffectively operate along the ambit of neutrality or undocumented history.

“Though my daily routine spot news and unexpected events, my work is, generally, woven around documentary. I hold a belief that a photograph created for today for journalistic purposes become a document of reference tomorrow, and that is tangible history.

The artist is aware of the manipulation that pervades today’s photo journalism practice as a result of the convergence of new media technologies.  With the advent of computerized equipment, he said, it is now possible to quickly combine elements into frames, alter colours, manufacture photographs and transmit same to distant miles away within the shortest possible time.

“But I take ethics, journalistic responsibility, credibility, good taste and professional candour as interrelated issues that are important in documenting each passing day in my society… this is to avoid the Abiku dilemma from the other side of the realm.”

There are 60 works of photographs being exhibited, which reflects his style and good taste for aesthetics activism. Each Passing Day is a few of hundreds of single images extracted from different documentary projects and spot news events. They are inspired by the Nigerian space during the last decade and presently.

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