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Don Jazzy helps Dr SID deliver a realistic and honest album [Album Review]

Album- Siduction
Artiste- Dr. SID
Guest Appearances- Emma Nyra, Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy, Phyno, Wizkid, Ice Prince Zamani, Sarkodie, E.L. Lynxxx, Alexandra Burke
Producers- Don Jazzy, Baby Fresh, Altims and BlayzeBeats
Record Label- Mavin Records (2013)
Duration- 1.2 hours

When listening to Dr. Sid’s new album Siduction, do not expect depth or some grand message or theme. Siduction, Sid’s second album following his 2010 solo debut ‘Turning Point‘, should be taken as an unapologetic pop album. It is an orchestration of banging beats, catchy hooks and borderline basic writing. This is Sidney Esiri’s recipe to seduce listeners. There are moments when it works and there moments when it leaves a bad taste.

Dr. Sid’s sophomore starts with the hit single ‘Surulere’ featuring Don Jazzy. As we all know the song has a deeply enchanting hook delivered by the master himself Don Jazzy. Dr. SID moves away from his comfort zone (singing about romance, love, sex) and delivers some of the best lyrics in his entire music career. The follow up ‘Nwayi oma’ featuring Emma Nyra is a pleasant surprise. The electro-pop track with conga drums brings out the most artistic version of Dr. Sid. Even with the auto-tune effect, you capture his emotion when he sings ‘We’ve got something good, let’s not throw it away. You don’t want to go, and you don’t want to stay. Turn out the lights, there’s so much to say. Let our bodies do the talking, let’s work it out.’

On this album, Dr. Sid chooses the electro pop route, which ideally is a good call because it masks the limit of his voice. ‘Lady Don Dada’ is one of such songs. With his voice drowned in auto-tune and the way the song is constructed, it is obvious that you are meant to catch the groove of the song and not really hear what is being said. The next three tracks- ‘The D’, ‘Talented’ and ‘The Chicken and the Egg’ run off course. They are skippable songs that offer nothing to the project.

Oyari’ comes to the aid of the LP. It possesses a hypnotic beat that is hard to resist, and gets you lost in the groove. Also, the entrance of Tiwa Savage is well timed, just as you are about to get tired of Dr. Sid’s singing. And ‘Baby Tornado’ hits the sweet spot with its waist whining-inducing beat.

Siduction feels like a one trick pony. Once you get the formula, nothing takes you by surprise. The aim is that if you don’t like this party jam, you will like the next one. Although the styles are pleasantly adventurous, there is not much variety. This is primarily because Don Jazzy’s influence is all over the album. The extra-gifted producer writes, produces and appears on several tracks. Also despite its no pretense stand, Siduction is an album that is hard not to love. Some songs don’t come off as half-serious. On ‘Kilon Wa’ Sidney Esiri delivers the cringe worthy line- ‘just like farming, you dig like hole’. Seriously?!

While the playful nature of the album has its bad sides, there are also positives. ‘Chop Ogbono’ that has the South African House bassline boasts of these humorous lines- ‘she say she like my singing. I say I like her weaving. You know you like my apartment. Omo, I like your attachment’. They aren’t exactly Shakespearean but it gets the job done.

Dr. Sid’s finest moments on the album comes when he is singing about the joys or pains of love. ‘Love Mine’ is a cool ambitious love song from the doctor. On ‘Get Over Me’ which feels like Brit-Pop he bluntly sings ‘I’ve moved on. I suggest you do the same. Get over me, just get over me…it’s for your sanity…cos my new boo is hotter than you‘. ‘Last Bust Stop’ is a celebratory love track that is also auto-biographical. Obviously this song was influenced by Dr. Sid’s engagement to Simi Osomo.

Siduction has the flaw of having a one-sided approach. Dr. Sid also isn’t the best of singers. However by using what he has to his disposal (mainly Don Jazzy) he has delivered an adventurous album that is realistic and honest. It is not a classic, it is not great, but it is what you would expect from Dr. Sid.

Rating- 2.5/5

– THeNEt

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