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Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah of Brunei

Christians kick as Brunei bans Christmas celebration

The small oil-rich nation of Brunei, in Asia, that prohibits propagation of any other religion apart from Islam, has banned Christmas celebration, threatening celebrators with five years in jail but Christians in the country are kicking back by showing their love for the festive period.

Other banned activities, according to a decree by Sultan, Hassanal Bolkiah include putting up Christmas trees, singing religious songs and sending Christmas greetings, reported the Borneo Bulletin.

While non-Muslims are allowed to celebrate the holiday within their own communities, they must not disclose their plans to the nation’s Muslims – which make up 65 per cent of the 420,000-strong population.

Around 20 per cent of Brunei’s residents are non-Muslim, including substantial Buddhist and Christian communities.

‘These enforcement measures are…intended to control the act of celebrating Christmas excessively and openly, which could damage the aqidah (beliefs) of the Muslim community,’ said the Ministry of Religious Affairs in a statement.

Some Burnei residents, however, are risking jail time by still celebrating Christmas and uploading pictures to social media as part of a #MyTreedom campaign that celebrates religious freedom.

Here are some tweets in support of #Treedom

*Originally reported by Mail Online

 6 Comments for “Brunei bans Christmas celebration, Christians kick”
  1. Godday

    I pray for you all, may Jesus never abandon you all at this time.Happy Christmas.

  2. Jingle

    I have been a supporter of islam in the past but have discovered that Islam is actually a terrorist religion that want to kill other beliefs and those that practice it most especially the Christians. I wouldnt blame them anyway because it is founded on brutality and wickedness. It is very unfortunate

  3. Suny Lulu

    If the activities of sultan Hassanal Bolkiah is carefully investigated, he might be revealed to be one of the secret supporters and probably a sponsor and financier of isis/isil and boko haram fundamentalists.

  4. Emma

    God will see u through.. I pray for the Sultan to change his decree. Merry christmas to Brunei

  5. jack

    sultan my foot. happy christmas to my fellow christians in brunei.

  6. jack

    why is that in christian countries all over the world, muslims live freely and were allowed to practice their religion. but in muslim countries christians were always been humilated and eventually been killed. WHY?. the God of heaven and earth is our strenght and refuge.


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