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How I handle my male admirers -Bimbo Queens

Abimbola Oguntominiyi

Abimbola Oguntominiyi, popularly known as Bimbo Queens, is a bundle of talents. The Osun State-born, Ukraine-based dancehall artiste is at present making preparations to storm the Nigerian entertainment industry and the globe next year with her latest works. The diva speaks with SEYI SOKOYA, about her talents and what makes her unique.

Sojourn into music
I discovered my love for music at a young age. I always loved singing in the house and my dad always made me feel special whenever I was doing it. Gradually, my passion for music began to grow. However, I started my career in music in 2012. That was after my frequent stay in the studio where I watched people record. I appreciate my friends who encouraged me to go with them to the studio back then (2009); I watched and learnt from them. I also recorded for fun. All these, coupled with the divine wisdom, made my confidence to grow. In 2012, when I felt I was a bit ready, I gave it a try and it has been amazing since then.

Genre of music I am comfortable with
I am comfortable with any genre of music, but I am mainly focused on Afro Pop and R&B. It is all still music, no matter the genre.

Songs I have done so far
Presently, I have up to 14 tracks, but I got just five out at the moment. My sixth single will be out in January 2014.

Whether I have my parents’ support
My parents are my major supporters. Without the blessings of my parents, it won’t be so much fun to pursue my musical career. My family has also been supportive, they mean a lot to me.
Challenges as a musician
It gets really challenging, but I always pull through and with the grace of God, I will continue to pull through all challenges because the older you grow in the industry, the more challenging it becomes.

On whether I feel threatened being a lady in an industry dominated by men
I won’t say I feel threatened, but the competition is really keen, no doubt about that. I believe everyone has his own destiny. And whatever will be, will be. Moreover, the sky is wide enough for billions of stars to shine. I have my own style of music and I believe in myself.

Assessment of the Nigerian entertainment industry
The Nigerian entertainment industry is growing in leaps and bounds and this makes me happy. I so much respect the great minds who were there before me and are making waves in the industry.

How I coined my stage name
There is nothing really special about it. I just decided to have a signature and that was how I arrived at my stage name “Bimbo Queens,” it just came to me like that. Bimbo is a short form of my name “Abimbola”, the “Queens” just came along.

Growing up
I won’t say I was born with a silver spoon, but I didn’t lack anything while growing up. In my opinion, my upbringing was just perfect. Having the kind of family I have, nothing else really matters I would say.

Educational background
My educational background was great. I schooled in Nigeria for a while before I travelled abroad to further my education. I am presently a graduate of Computer Technology.

On whether I regret not practising what I studied
No regrets. I love what I do and what I do loves me. If I am not a musician I would have become a model or a dancer because I love to sing, dance and model. All these fields are intertwined.

Projects I am working on
I have a lot of things on deck, but presently, preparations are in top gear to release my new track in January. It is going to be a massive one because the video, directed by  Victor O’ Frank, also a UK-based Nigerian, would also be released a week after the audio. The project has been on-going and I thank God for the success recorded so far.

My experience in Ukraine.
It was amazing. I started from the scratch and I want to use this medium to thank everyone that encouraged me in one way or the other. I thank the ones with good words of encouragement and those that laughed at my choices, as well as those who promised and failed. Everything worked for me because it all made me strive for more success. It had not been easy but God’s grace never departed from me. I was able to push through and eventually became a talent even outside the shores of my country.

Definition of style
My definition of style is classic, no matter the outfit, I love to always look classy.

Choice of accessories
My choice of accessories depends on the outfit I have on.

Description of self
I would say I am unique in my own way and I thank God for creating me this way.

Beauty regimen
I make sure I wash my face before going to bed. I don’t use any special product or follow any beauty routine.

Favourite colour
My favourite colour is blue.

Favourite perfume
My favourite cologne are Chanel, Jadore, and Hugo Boss.

Favourite designers.
I really don’t have a favourite designer in terms of clothing and accessories. Whatever looks good is okay by me.

Fashion items I cannot do without
I can’t do without wearing rings.

Fashion items I can’t be caught dead wearing
I can never be caught dead wearing a toe ring. It is one of the fashion items I cannot dare to wear.

Most expensive items in my wardrobe
That has to do with my clothes and my shoes, but to be specific; I can go to any limit for my shoes, especially my heels. I have craving for them because they add beauty to my dressing and make statement with my outfits.

Opinion on toning and cosmetic surgery
I am indifferent about it. I believe there are lots of people that actually need it because of the insecurities they have due to their imperfection and if cosmetic surgery makes them happy and confident, I see no reason why it should be classified as wrong. But these days I feel people have abused it.

My opinion on provocative dressing
I believe one doesn’t have to dress almost naked to look attractive. There should be class in every choice of dressing.

How I treat myself specially
I treat myself by shopping and relaxing by the pool.

Nails and hair
I like to keep them looking as nice as possible.

Keeping in shape
I used to be a work-out addict, but I had to reduce it to once in a while, especially when I have the opportunity. But I would say I dance a lot and that is also one of the things that keep me fit.

I have no tattoo.

How I handle my male admirers
I handle all my admirers in a polite manner. I don’t have to be rude before I could pass a message across. It has to be done in a mature manner and God has given me the wisdom to relate and handle them carefully.

My dream man
My kind of man must be a man who respects himself; a man who knows what he wants and how to be composed in any situation. He must put God first, family second, and every other thing can follow thereafter.

Words to my fans
I want to use this medium to appreciate them all, most especially my esteemed fans. I want to say a great thanks to them all and may God continue to bless us all. I promise not to disappoint you; watchout for more of my best.

Lessons I have learnt about life
I have learnt never to focus on the negative things and always see light in all darkness.

Curled from Nigerian Tribune.

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