Thursday , 16 September 2021
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Award wining Dancer,Kaffy,now mother of two

Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, an award-winning dancer and honcho of Imagneto Dance Company, was last Saturday delivered of a baby girl at County Hospital, Lagos.

But until the news of her safe delivery broke, many of her fans had expressed mixed reactions that her laborious stagecraft, while she was pregnant, could be dangerous to her health.

Her husband, Joseph Adakole Ameh, shared the good news on Instagram, with a photo caption: “You all know what this means, I guess. Say hello to my princess…”

Their first child, Sean Oluwatosin, a boy, was born in 2011.

Interestingly, the couple has named their new child Eliana Ameh.

The fears expressed by her fans might not be unconnected with the way she threw her body around during the grand finale of ‘MTN Project Fame’, which saw diminutive Olawale Ojo lifting the laurel.

At that time, she was said to be carrying a five-month-old pregnancy.

From Makossa to Soukus, Fuji and the highly revered Michael Jackson’s dance steps, she led her group in an enthralling choreographic display that earned them thunderous applause.

In her reaction to the criticisms generated by her performance at the show, she said, “Apart from being a dancer, I am a fitness consultant. So, I will not do anything to harm my child. Apart from being a dancer, I am a healthy person, so people should get that clear and not jump into conclusion, thinking I just want to go and dance, because it is my job. Pregnancy is not a disease neither is it cancer. Some women even go to the farms with their pregnancies in the villages and they give birth without medical help. Maria Carey performed on stage dancing with twin pregnancy. It is not a new thing. It is just in this part of the world that whenever a woman is pregnant, they treat her like an egg. And that can be detrimental to her and the baby. A child whose mother is active during pregnancy is always active with less fat and at normal size.”

Her group, Masta Blasta, won the competition at the last Calabar Carnival.

During her first pregnancy, Kaffy had performed on the Project Fame stage exactly 10 days to the delivery of her baby boy.

“Everything is according to pace. I will not do more than my body can take. There are a lot of techniques to dancing, which somebody who is not trained might not know. You see me winding, but you don’t know the technique I am using to wind in a way that it doesn’t disturb my baby. You see me dancing and you don’t know how I am able to land on my face that it doesn’t make me get abdominal pain. That is why I am a professional at what I do,” she added.

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