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Yinka Ayanda, Singer, Arik air hostess

Arik Air hostess, Yinka Ayanda releases new album

Flying around the world officially puts food on her table, but Arik Air hostess, Yinka Ayanda finds her passion for music quite irresistible, a hobby she says is complementary to her personality.As a follow up to her sophomore title: Ise Mi, the fast rising Yoruba singer is set to release her third effort, Alapa Masise (lazy bone), which she describes as a banger.

Ayanda, a senior cabin crew officer kicked off her music career with Teni Teni, an inspirational Yoruba lyrical with cultural profundity.

Although she did not derail in her second effort, the artiste believes that her offering is evolving, hence the need to further up her ante, as will be seen in her upcoming songs. “It’s like a re-branding. The world is going to be seeing a new Yinka, who is totally different from the one you used to know,” she said.

Staying faithful to contemporary style, she described her kind of music as a fusion of soul, saying “when I started, I was working in contemporary African music but that was then. Now, I have Apala and soul fused in a unique way and I think it’s a whole new Yinka.”

Atanda, who revealed that her favourite song in the new album, is Alapa Masise, said she is often inspired to write songs from happenings around her, her personal experiences and that of others.

According to the singer, beyond Alapa Masise, fans could find other tracks even more exciting. “This is my album, so my judgement could be biased. I think we should leave that one to my fans to decide.”

Other tracks in the collection include, Iya (Mother), Sebotimo (cut your coat according to your cloth), Oko Mi (My Husband), Ise Mi (My Work), and Ore Ogede.

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