Saturday , 27 February 2021
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Andre Blaze Blast Arik Air For ‘Dirt Treatment’

More and more Nigerians are expressing their sad experience at the Nation’s airports and officials as popular media personality, Andre Blaze has narrated his experience and likened it to weird s3xual practice.

He was frustrated at the uncharacteristic way a flight was delayed on Thursday, 23rd April on Arik Air and without any convincing explanations to take care of them. He revealed that more than 70 passengers were stranded at the airport.

“Over 70 people stranded at Muritala Mohammed Airport overnight, no plans made for their welfare, no responsibility taken by the airline. Why is Arik still flying?”

He shared a similar experience that made him lose a profitable percentage of a project he was supposed to benefit from.

“In 2012 Arik’s delays and irresponsibility cost me the entire profit margin of a project I was working on. Total loss, same airline!” he vented.

He further stated that the airline company does not have good customer relations as passenger were still treated without any respect and the company is yet to apologize.

“This morning some guy in a Hawaiian shirt is yelling at people for demanding refunds after sleeping in the Muritala Mohammed International Airport yesterday.

“Then there is the Arik staff, oh boy! It is like commercial BDSM: you pay all that money so you can be treated & talked to like dirt,” he declared.

Recently, another Nigerian celebrity, Chioma Akpotha, had complained about the unfair treatment at the airport in which flights were delayed until further notice

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