Sunday , 22 May 2022
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Outspoken comedian, Alibaba, shared a touching picture a while ago to give people, especially his celebrity colleagues more reasons not to always doll out money to touts.

The rib-cracker encouraged all those healthy Nigerians who think begging is the only means of survival to emulate the guy in the photo he shared.

?”One more reason you shouldn’t give every healthy Nigerian that begs you money outside event venues money. Because this guy has every reason to beg but isn’t. He instead is polishing shoes and earning a living and providing for his family. Even if he is not providing everything the family needs. “To whom much is given” much is expected. This guy here has not be given much. And nothing should be expected from him. But no he still wants to give and earn a living. So when you are doling money to area boys, remember this picture,” he wrote.

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