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Abuja Shopping Mall Explosion: How Soldiers Killed One Suspect, and Arrested Another

One of the suspects who were alleged to have carried out the attack of the Abuja Shopping Mall on Wednesday, has been arrested by the Nigerian Military. The suspect was arrested shortly after the blast, while the mop-up crew of the scene of the attack was on-going. The second suspect was shot dead, while fleeing on a power bike motorcycle. The shooting took place, witnesses say, after he was asked to stop by the security, but had refused to heed to their directive.

Information gathered at the scene indicated that the arrested suspect, whose name was not issued by police, was caught with the second unexploded bomb packaged in the bag, which was about to be detonated at the nearby Abuja Shopping Mall. Traders were seeing running helter-skelter when the security arrested the suspect with the device, which was later defused.

Reports have it that the suspects who drove the bomb-laden vehicle could not gain entry into the shopping mall, as a result of the checks being conducted on all vehicles, had come into the complex by the private security guard entrance. The situation forced them to park the vehicle, and then they had sped-off with the power bike .

Many people who were at the scene of the blast later confirmed to newsmen that the two attackers had fled the scene with the power bike motorcycle.

These photographs, which accompany this story, were taken at the point where one of the suspects was shot. The last picture shows a police officer from the EOD Squad running to the location of the second bomb.

Abuja Shopping Mall Explosion


Scenes From the Latest Bombing

Scenes From the Latest Bombing

Scenes From the Latest Bombing

Scenes From the Latest Bombing
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