Saturday , 28 May 2022
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About Us

About Us

On every given day, series of exciting news piece is dished out from the domain of

Our aim is to keep everyone that visits abreast of all happenings as it unfolds. We published unbiased political stories, educational stories, sport stories, financial/business stories, romance stories, society-gist, interviews, intellectual editorials and what have you about all evolving issues every given day, locally and internationally.

Metrolensonline, formerly known as Metro People Int’l Magazine, a soft-sell magazine usually published fortnightly since August 2010, now solely an online magazine still saddled with the professional responsibility of disseminating timely information on anything new ranging from politics, entertainment, sports, romance, health, business and so on.

Metrolensonline is committed to ensuring best service delivery for advertisers alike and modest journalistic practice in this era of digital journalism hence, our Metro-Lens roves around the society as a watchdog to bring to fore every news piece as it unfolds.

We offer great value for invested resources (time and money) thereby making us readers and advertiser’s delight

Make your favorite, one-stop information window and be assured of adequate, reliable and up-to-date information.


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