Thursday , 29 July 2021
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2face, others panic on aborted Aero flight

When we are relaxed that the Nigeria Aviation sector has taken care of the airline operators in Nigeria in terms of faulty airlines and accidents, 2face and some passengers travelling with Aero Contractors Flight Aj2002 from Lagos to Douala on February 14 had to do a lot of prayers aboard when it was discovered that one of the doors was open 30 minutes after take-off.

The plane had to come to Nigeria for repairs but flew at a low attitude that it was difficult for the passengers to relax. A passenger narrates their ugly experience:

We left Lagos with it and like 30 minutes later on air, after all the refreshments. I had finished eating and then announcement came in that there’s a signal that the door is open somewhere.

” That it is required we return to Lagos. Returning to Lagos was hell. Plane flew so low and that’s how we managed back.
“For 40 minutes, they said we should wait in plane and 20 minutes later they said we should descend. We are back to boarding room now. Thank God.

“Even 2Face was in the flight and has left to the VIP lounge now. That is my story for today. They said a new plane is coming, and so, we are waiting till 4pm for it.

“That aircraft should not be allowed to fly,” he said.

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