Wednesday , 20 October 2021
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27 Years old Medical student auctions her virginity for £240,000 online

A pretty medical student is auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder online.

The slim blonde, who calls herself Elizabeth Raine, hopes to make at least £250,000 from a wealthy suitor but warns that “love is not part of the arrangement”.

She says she has never had any form of sex, seen a naked man in the flesh or let one see her nude.

Elizabeth, 27, wants to make the “sharp transition from virgin to literal whore” in a global auction starting on April 1. The prize is a 12-hour date which will include her first sexual experience.

“I cannot imagine losing my virginity in any other way,” she says, also revealing that her friends and family know of her “scandalous” auction and are supportive.

She has posed in sexy lingerie to promote her blog, called Musings of a Virgin Whore, but is not showing her face to keep her real identity hidden.

She admits that money is her main motivation but says that she is far from short of cash and will donate 35% of her proceeds to a charity that helps educate women in developing countries.

“The potential sums involved are too large to be dismissed,” she says, stressing that: “Love is not a part of this arrangement. It is only of a sexual and financial nature.”

Introducing herself online, she invites bidders to join her on “this unique, exhilarating, challenging, sexy, and hopefully lucrative adventure.”

She says: “I am a sensually stunning, highly educated and charismatic American woman who has placed a 12-hour date with me atop the auction block.

“And did I mention I’m a virgin? Yes, that’s right; I have made the bold (but not thoughtless) decision to auction off my virginity. I hope you are intrigued!

“My identity will be kept a secret from all but the final bidder. I think you will discover I am a unique, captivating, and truly remarkable young lady, virginity aside.

“I am not under the slightest bit of financial pressure and instead view this to be a practical financial opportunity.”

She adds: “At the ripe age of 27, virginity fits me like a glove. It is unexpected and unconventional, yet exhilarating and empowering. Now, having made the decision to sell my virginity, I cannot imagine losing it in any other way.

“I do not believe it is a sacred gift that should be reserved for the man I love, nor is it a testament to my honour or virtue.”

She says she went to excellent private schools and is now a medical student at a leading US university.

One reason she is a virgin is that she is “slightly frightened” of committing to relationships with men, she admits.

Asked in an interview what kind of man she hopes will take her virginity, she said: “The most money is mainly what I’m looking for.”

Because selling sex is largely illegal in the USA, she has hired an agent based in Sydney, Australia, “where very relaxed prostitution laws will permit this exchange”.

She concludes: “I also will be paying taxes due on this income. In fact, I am quite happy to.”

At least eight women around the world have auctioned off their virginity on the internet, including Brazilian model Catarina Migliorini, who at 21 accepted a winning bid of £500,000 from a  Japanese man – then later claimed he never paid her and the sex never happened. She promptly started the auction again.


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