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2015: Buhari’s loyalists rally in Lagos, say he’s best for Nigeria



The Buhari Vanguard, a pro Buhari group, held a rally in Lagos, Saturday, urging Nigerians to support Muhammadu Buhari for President.

The road show, which began near the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, Secretariat at Yaba, moved across the city and ended at the state secretariat of the All Progressives Congress, APC, at Ikeja.

“This is a road show and a rally and the theme is ‘Nigeria need Muhammadu Buhari,’ said Jasper Azuatalam, the Chairman of Buhari Vanguard.

“We have seen it since 1999. After 1999, when General Buhari saw what was happening in Nigeria, he entered into politics. In 1999 you can remember General Buhari never said a thing about politics, but because those that came to do it did not do it he decided to enter politics.

“We know he is the only one that can end corruption in Nigeria. The only one that can promise and keep it. He has no oil well. This is the right time. Now that APC has come. It’s a party with political structure. And with APC, General Buhari will coast to Buhari,” Mr. Azuatalam added.

The road show moved across Lagos in a convoy of vehicles beckoning on people to embrace change in the next elections; and chanting ‘No more bad luck o.’ ‘No more there is God o, ‘No more we go die if we dey find job o, ‘No more darkness o, No more Boko Haram o.’

Adewale Balogun, an APC chieftain, said that “this is the time that we need Buhari the most”.

“If you go to the streets of Lagos, you will see the development that has been done by APC. Go to Ogun State, go to Osun State, any state that is being ruled by APC is a state that can always be reckoned with in terms of development.

Do we have development for this country? Then let us bring Buhari back,” Mr. Balogun said.

“If Buhari can come back this time around, I can assure you that all that all the youths will be busy. It is because the youths are not busy, that’s why you are having Boko Haram, that’s why you are having militants and area boys.”

Another speaker at the rally said that there will be “zero corruption” if Mr. Buhari becomes president.

“He has done it before. You can see the rate of corruption in the system now. And the corruption causes Boko Haram, the corruption causes unemployment, indiscipline,” he said.

“This is a fellow that when he was Head of State there was nothing like corruption. He’s the only one that can give us zero corruption. Don’t let us deceive ourselves. It is so glaring now, if Buhari comes in now, corruption will be zero, development will be there.”

The organizers insisted that the rally was not a campaign ahead of the 2015 presidential poll.

“TAN (Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria) is going around telling people to vote for Goodluck Jonathan because Goodluck Jonathan is the presidential candidate of PDP,” said Mr. Azuatalam.

“In APC, we have no presidential candidate. We have respected gentlemen like Atiku Abubakar, Rabiu Kwankwaso, Rotimi Amaechi, General Muhammadu Buhari, Bola Tinubu and others. We have not chosen our presidential candidate.

“What we are doing is our inter party things. We are not doing a campaign, this is a political activity. INEC did not ban political activities, they banned campaign and that is not what we are doing.

“What we are doing is we are creating awareness within our party to tell our party that General Muhammadu Buhari is the right person that Nigerians want so that when our party is going to primary, they will go in with that message that Nigerians want General Muhammadu Buhari,” he said.

Mr. Azuatalam also denied that they were being sponsored by Mr. Buhari to hold the rally.

“We have no sponsor. I am the chairman of Buhari Vanguard, it’s a pro Buhari group. It’s not being sponsored by Buhari,” he said.

“It’s group of people who have come together and say they want Buhari.

“We have students here, we have people from different organizations, we have our party chieftain here. Nobody sponsored us. You can see all these cars we didn’t come with rented cars, they are all private cars.

“My car is one of the ones used, these buses are being provided by party members to say let us go on the field to tell them that Nigeria needs Buhari. Nobody is sponsoring us.”2015

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