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2015: 375 Borno rented crowd clash over N3m largesse as Jonathan seeks second term

An estimated 375 youths from Borno state yesterday clashed over 3milion naira allegedly given to them to support President Goodluck Jonathan’s declaration in Abuja.

The youths who attacked one another with words and blows came from various local government councils of Borno state such as: Gwoza , Gosha and Pulka. They alleged that N1million was given to them in their village to support the president declaration yesterday.

Other angry youths from Kirawa ,Chinene, Ashiga Shiya and Ambawa also alleged they were given N1m right from their state.

The youths assembled themselves alongside 75 vehicles around the Nicon plaza in the central business area in Abuja saying, they came from Borno state to Abuja to support President Goodluck Jonathan, Sen. Modu sheriff defection to PDP, Sen Peter Biye Gumthan , for his aspiration in People Democratic Party [PDP] .

The youths apparently came in 75 Gulf vehicles with each one carrying no less than 5 persons.

In the process of sharing an additional N1million allegedly given to them after the President’s declaration, chaos arose among the gathering, because the money was not shared on pro-rata basis, as some were given N2000 each while others got N3,500 .

An anonymous youth revealed that “they came from Borno, to support their leaders for being in the wining party where they will have a strong and recognized government that would always speak with the voice of the masses so that they will have peace and harmony in the state.”

He added that they want their leaders to be recognized in the government, so that, the killing of innocent souls by the so called Boko Haram insurgence will be a thing of history.

He said many of their sisters and brothers were killed, their houses were vandalized, they no longer have access to their resident, their businesses do no longer exist, they are not enjoying any provision made by the government.

Another youth by the name, Tadad Ghulza said they are expecting a positive change in the 2015 upcoming election, because they are tired of the present situation they are now.

He said they came with about 75 cars to support their state aspirants as they always struggle to have daily bread and feed their children that are luckily saved from the so called Boko Haram

[Peoples Daily]





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