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Ronaldo Is Under Cursed For Missing Father Funeral – Witchdoctor
Christiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo Is Under Cursed For Missing Father Funeral – Witchdoctor

With a five-match suspension and troubles with the Spanish tax authorities, Cristiano Ronaldo has not enjoyed the best of summers.

But could the real reason behind his misfortune be that the Real Madrid star is the victim of a powerful curse?

That is the opinion of one Portuguese witchdoctor, who believes that Cristiano is being punished for missing the funeral of his father.

According to Fernando Nogueira, better known under his witchdoctoring name Fafe, the 32-year-old has been subjected to a “terrible curse, a tremendous case of evil eye.”

“Ronaldo has been weakened spiritually and psychologically,” Fafe revealed to Flash when asked about the player’s recent travails.

“He missed the funeral of his father to play the same evening, and that unleashed a lot of energies.”

Ronaldo, born Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro, owes his evocative middle name to his father, who was a big fan of former US president Ronald Reagan.

But he maintained a strained relationship with Jose Dinis Aveiro, who suffered from alcoholism and passed away from a related illness when Ronaldo was just 20.

Fafe believes the failure to patch up the relationship with his father has left a mark on Ronaldo’s life.

“He did not say goodbye to his father when he was alive, and had not talked to him in a long time,” the witchdoctor opined.

“There are things that weigh on our consciences. As bad as a father can be, missing his funeral unleashed very powerful negative energies.”Ronaldo need not fret, however, as Fafe is willing to cure him of the curse free of charge.

“If he or his family had a strong witchdoctor to treat him it would be fine. If it fails nothing will be solved,” he added.


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