Friday , 3 April 2020
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About Us

About Us

On every given day, series of exciting news stories come out of the stable of platform. We aim to keep people who reside both within Nigeria and around the world as up to date as possible. We post unbiased political stories, education stories, finance stories, and editorials about all sorts of topics each day. If you are interested in always being on the cutting edge of the latest information, you should make your online homepage. This way, you will never miss out on anything. Of all the Nigerian online platforms, features the most articles about the most varied topics. Feel free to express your opinion on any subject in the comments bar below each of our posts. This allows our online community to express their respective views on matters in their proximity and area of interest.

metrolensonline, formerly known as Metro People Int’l Magazine, had its maiden edition published in August 2010. The acceptability and vacuum filled by the magazine’s role of disseminating information as well as entertaining its reader’s informed the change in name as part of a rebranding effort aimed at giving our esteemed readers and advertisers alike great value for invested resources (time and money)

metrolensonline possesses an online presence which brings news and reports about events in Nigeria to the purview of our valued readers and Nigerians in Diaspora. We also bring to the fore momentous happenings around the world to our international audience. Our bi-weekly print version is published to give those without internet access an equal opportunity to adequately get informed, thereby making it an advertiser’s delight and one stop information window for all and sundry.

metrolensonline is committed to ensuring best service delivery obtainable in the practice of journalism. Hence, our Lens roves around the society as a watch–dog and bring to fore every news piece as it unfolds.


– Bisi Adekunle




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